A Conversation on Staying Motivated and Following Your Passion

I decided to go out into business on my own because I wanted “unlimited” potential and because my spirit is entrepreneurial. I am not the kind of person that simply takes orders and I wanted some level of control over my destiny.


Parrish Speaks Out About Staying Motivated and Following Your Passion

Jon Parrish was recently featured in a one on one interview with Thrive Global. He shared how he stays motivated and spoke to the importance of following your passion, among various other topics.


How vacation rental management has changed

Vacation rentals are booming. People are starting to trade their long-term holidays for short-term rentals that are not based in high-priced hotels, which presents an opportunity for real estate investors — as well as customers — looking for variety, experiences, and optimal pricing.


COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects on Small Businesses

Small businesses are experiencing anxiety, uncertain about their present and future prospects as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put the squeeze on their operations. Entrepreneurs, in an effort to prevent a complete shutdown, are thinking outside of the box on how they can continue providing their products or services to the public.


How to Thrive in the Property Management Industry

The number of renters in the U.S. has jumped in the past decade, driven in part by the foreclosure crisis that forced many people out of their homes. While the real estate market has stabilized to a point, buying a home is still out of reach for many Americans, especially younger ones laden with debt.


Social Distancing’s Impact on Client Interaction

Engaging with clients while social distancing guidelines are enforced poses a serious challenge to businesses, as it would appear nigh impossible to re-create an effective interaction similar to what was experienced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jon Parrish on Strategic Business Consulting

To succeed in business, you need a strategy. But unfortunately, this isn’t something all companies have. Whether they’ve coasted along with nothing more than a great idea since the beginning, or they got bogged down with the day to day and stopped prioritizing their business strategy, there are plenty of companies in desperate need of some help.


An Overview of a COO's Role in Present-Day Companies

A modern-day chief operating officer's (COO) role is inextricably linked to versatility, with companies showing varying incentives in deciding to appoint them and establishing unique responsibilities that come with the position.


A Conversation About Following Your Passion

“While it is more risky to go out on your own, the rewards are greater and it is much harder to get ahead in life if all you do is work for others, helping them achieve their business goals,” said Jon Parrish.